Town Board


The Town Board consists of the Town Supervisor and the Town Council. Together, they are responsible for passing town laws, making zoning changes, allocating public funds, and other issues  pertaining to the finances and general well-being of the community.

Town Council
Council Members are elected for a four-year term and perform duties related to the following: affirmative action, claims audits, youth, technology, fire service awards, the Marilla Historical Society, PACE, Memorial Day, the Marilla Free Library, disaster, traffic and safety, the Marilla Town Park, and special use permits. The Town Council also acts as a liaison for the Planning Board and Conservation Advisory Board.


Board Meetings: 7:30pm-8:30pm (2nd Thursday of Each Month)
Work Sessions: 7pm-8:30pm (2nd and 4th Tuesday of Each Month)

Town Supervisor
Earl Gingerich Jr.
Phone: (716) 652-7293
Fax: (716) 652-2541


Marilla Town Hall
1740 Two Rod Road
Marilla, New York 14102-9726

Brian Nolan
Phone (716) 857-0103
Fax (716) 652-2541

Matthew Dolegowski
Phone (716) 525-4160
Fax (716) 652-2541

Jason Weiss
Phone (716) 652-5350
Fax (716) 652-2541

Bonnie Waterman
Phone (716) 652-5350
Fax (716) 652-2541