Town Engineer


Located in Buffalo, New York (with a satellite office in East Aurora), Nussbaumer & Clarke, Inc. was appointed by the Board to serve as Town Engineer. Their Vice President of Engineering, Marie A. Nowak plans, organizes, and directs the design and construction activities for various public infrastructure improvement projects such as roads, water, storm water, recreational projects, capital improvement planning, and land use planning.

The Town Engineer interprets local standard codes, ordinances, and regulations; drafts major and minor revisions to local regulations (as authorized); and provides technical advice and/or assistance to local maintenance and inspection personnel.

Nussbaumer & Clarke also provides planning services; attends regular or special meetings of the Marilla Planning Board; reviews subdivision and site plan applications; reviews environmental documents submitted by applicants and assists the Town in performing State Environmental Quality Reviews (SEQR); and provides technical assistance regarding flood plains, wetlands, agricultural districts, and other environmentally sensitive areas.


3556 Lake Shore Road, Suite 500
Buffalo, New York 14219-1494


Monday-Friday: 7:00am-4:30pm
Saturday-Sunday: CLOSED

Brad Sendlak, PE
Nussbaumer & Clarke, Inc.
Phone (716) 827-8000
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